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Stay safe from intrusion and burglary with an advanced alarm system.

Intrusion & burglary protection

Whether you’re a homeowner or operate a small or large business, Ambusch can design you a security alarm system that will perfectly suit your needs. Protect your family, employees, assets and property from intrusion and theft with a robust security system today!

According to StatsCan, 1.2 million Canadians fall victim to a property crime each year (217,000 in Alberta), and 380,000 Canadians will be the victim of a violent crime. At Ambusch Security we work collaboratively with our clients to identify all of their security and property needs. We’ll conduct a thorough security assessment of your property and develop a complete security solution that will keep you protected.

Having a comprehensive security system in place will give you the peace of mind knowing that if anything occurs, you won’t be unprepared. To learn more about our home security services, contact us today.

Enjoy complete protection

Monitored 24/7, an Ambusch alarm system can provide protection for your home and/or business from a range of possible events, like:

  • Intrusion and burglary
  • Fire and smoke
  • Carbon dioxide poisoning
  • High or low temperatures
  • Floods or water leaks

Have remote control with mobile apps

You can have total control of your security from wherever you are with the amazing features and remote control abilities that our apps can provide. They allow you to stay connected to your security system and your home or office using your smartphone, tablet and/or computer.

  • Arm/disarm your system remotely
  • Receive instant alerts whenever something happens
  • Specify the exact events (or sequence of events) that you want to know about
  • View live video or review stored video footage
  • Control ‘smart home’ devices like electronic locks and active thermostats, which can be integrated into your security system and also controlled remotely

Professional installation

Ambusch installs, services, and monitors wireless, hardwired, and high-security alarm systems. Our trades qualified and security licensed technicians will carefully install a system that meets your specific requirements and they will provide you with training in how to best use it.

Did you know?

A professionally installed and monitored alarm system can net you significant discounts on your home or business insurance premiums. Those savings can be as much as 20%, meaning your alarm system can literally pay for itself within a short period of time!

Contact us any time for more information about Ambusch’s advanced alarm systems!

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